Available Malamute Puppies

Keep checking back here for updates on when the next litter is due! Check our Puppies for sale page for details on how to make a deposit. Black and Gray Puppies are $2000.00,  Red puppies are $2200, all White puppies are $2500 each unless otherwise posted.


Announcing the birth of Butterscotch’s and Orion's 9 puppies, born February 10th 2021. There are 5 Males and 4 Females in this litter.

The Boys

“Romeo”  Seal/Gray Woolly Male Available

"Simba" Red & White Woolly Male, Reserved for Rebecca B.

“Ranger” Black & White Male, Reserved for David Y.

“Sampson” Red & White Woolly Male Reserved for Dakota D.

“Alpha” Seal/Gray Male  Reserved For Lucas B. 

The Girls


“Opal” Seal/Gray Woolly Female, Reserved For Katie W.

“River” Black & White Woolly Female, Reserved for Mj N.

“Sierra” Red & White Woolly Female, Reserved for Ryan B.

“Penny” Red & White Woolly Female, Reserved for Michaela R.


Announcing the birth of Lakita’s and Orion's 9 puppies, born December 20th. There are 4 Males and 5 Females in this litter. 

The Males


“Han Solo” Black and White Male Sold to Jean K.

“Leia” Black and White Female Available 

“Padme” Black and White Female Sold to Pepper

“Obi" Black and White Male Reserved for Chandan A.

“Mando” Black and White Male Reserved for Jackson O.

“Lando” Black and White Male Reserved for Suzanne Z.


The Girls

“Beru” Seal Female Reserved For Alexandra S. 

“Koryn” Red and White Female Reserved for Lucky

“Arina” Seal/Gray Female Reserved For Chris M.  


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