Past Puppies

Adorable Alaskan Ma Puppy

Here is some photos of our last couple of litters of puppies, are they cute or what!


Chloe & Thor’s litter of 9 puppies born June 20th, all of these puppies have been sold.

Chloe and her puppies 1 day old

Ace (8 weeks old) - Black and Sable Male SOLD - Congratulations Dena S.!

Blaze (8 weeks old) Black Male SOLD - Congratulations Alivia C.!

Grizzly (8 weeks old) SOLD Congratulations Sean K.!

Breckinridge (8 weeks old) Red Male SOLD Congratulations Toni P.!

Timber (8 weeks old) Grey/Black Male SOLD Congratulations Erin!

Echo (8 weeks old) Black & White Female - SOLD Congratulations Troy G.! 

KIMA (8 weeks old) SOLD Congratulations Mark H.!


Announcing Lakita and Orion'a Litter Born on June 10th! She had 10 puppies, 8 boys and 2 girls. This litter has some amazing colors, seal, grey, sable, red, and black & White.

The Boys (2 days old)

The Girls (2 days old)

 Lilia (16 days old) Black/sable female SOLD- Congratulations Jonathan R.!

Ruebell (8 weeks old) Red/sable female SOLD- Congratulations Kristina S.!

Kiba Arctic (8 weeks) SOLD Congratulations Seth B.!

Atlas (8 weeks old) Seal/Grey Male- SOLD Congratulations George H.!

Diesel (8 weeks old) Black/Sable Male SOLD- Congratulations Samantha M.!

Karro (8 Weeks old) Red Male SOLD- Congratulations Chaiyut F.!

Jet (8 weeks old) Black/Sable Male SOLD- Congratulations Jay C.!

Puffin (8 weeks old) Red Male SOLD- Congratulations Brandy N.!

Rusty (8 weeks old) Red Male SOLD- Congratulations Gabriel S.!

Loki (8 weeks old) Seal/Grey Male SOLD- Congratulations Shawn H.!


Announcing Zoey and Thors Litter Born on May 23rd! She had 2 black and white boys and 2 red and white girls. 

Aspen (3 Weeks Old) Male- SOLD Congratulations Connie B.!

Grizzly (3 Weeks Old) Male- SOLD congratulations Joe R.!

Eska (3 Weeks Old) Female- SOLD Congratulations Ryan O.!

Shila (3 weeks Old) Female- SOLD congratulations Ryan B.!


Magenta gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies on March 16th!

These puppies have all been reserved, but no worries, we are expecting another litter between Zoey and Thor the end of May
and another litter between Lakita and Orion in June. There are already some reservation for puppies from these litters so if you would like to add one of our exceptional and amazing Malamutes to your family contact me ASAP to reserve a puppy from our upcoming litters! 

Bear @ 3 weeks Old SOLD- Congratulations Steven W!

Luna @ 3 weeks old SOLD- Congratulations Jaime M!

Kubo @ 3 weeks SOLD Congratulations Monica H!

Zoey's and Thor's litter born on November 20th. There were 7 puppies. All puppies from this litter have been sold.  

Zoey & Her Beautiful Puppies

The Boys

Little Bear- Sold- Congratulations Toni D!

Kavik- Sold- Congratulations Cody M!

Reuben- Sold Congratulations Daniel O!

Dakota- Sold- Congratulations Susan H!

Atlas- Sold - Congratulations John T!

The Girls

Nala- Sold - Congratulations Jaime M!

Aria - Sold- Congratulations Monica G!


20171114 cute puppy 2

Chloe’s & Thor's Litter Born September 18th 2019! She had 7 puppies 3 males and 4 females. Colors are 3 blacks, and 3 red and 1 sable. text us, or fill out our contact us form if you would like to place a deposit for a puppy from this litter. Call or text me at 307-899 3424. 

Clhoe and her litter

The girls @ 1 week old

Amber 6 weeks old Female- Sold to Brian

Raven 6 weeks old Female- Sold Congratulations Joe B!

Sophia 6 week old Female (Sold) Congratulations Christopher K!

Akira 6 week old Female (Sold) Congratulations Teri H!

The Boys @ 1 week old

Kavik 6 weeks old male (Sold) Congratulations John W!

Atka 6 weeks Old Male (Sold)- Congratulations Arsalan N!


Magenta’s Litter from 07 17 (pictured below) 

ROSIE Female 8 wks (Sold) Congratulations Danielle M!

Apollo-  (sold) @ 8weeks Congratulation Rose B!

Bandit  (SOLD) @ 8 wks Congratulations Ian B!

Bear  (SOLD) @ 8 weeks Congradulations Carolyn H! 

Bruno  (SOLD) @ 8 weeks Congradulations Sandra R!

The Girls

Daisy  (SOLD) @ 8 weeks Congradulations Sandra R!

Lilly-  (SOLD) @ 8 Weeks Congadulations Katherine!

The Puppies at Play

The Boys Playing

The Girls Playing

Blaze (Male) 14 weeks old - SOLD

Rango (Male) 11 Weeks Old  SOLD

Delilah (Female) 8 Weeks Old  SOLD

Kubo (Male) 8 Weeks Old  SOLD

Veridani (Female) 8 Weeks Old SOLD

The Boys

The Girls

Call, text or email us if you would like to reserve your puppy from an upcoming litter. 307-899 3424. 

Rambo (Male) SOLD

Balto (Male) SOLD

Roscoe (male) SOLD

Chinook (Male) SOLD

Zues (Male) SOLD

Tonka (Male) SOLD

Kobuk (Male) SOLD

Simba (male) SOLD

Timber (male) SOLD

Sakarie (Female) SOLD

Angel (Female) SOLD

Chena (Female) SOLD

12 Adorable Alaskan Malamute puppies, 9 males and 3 females!!

The Boys (at 2 1/2 weeks old)

The Girls (at 2 1/2 weeks old)

Alaskan Malamute Puppies "Group Hug” (Puppies are 1 day old)

20171114 sweet puppies
20171114 Cute puppy
20171014 140706
20171014 Boys 3
20171016 200056
20171016 puppy boy1
20171114 203440
Male Alaskan Mals

“Obi" Black and White Male Reserved for Chandan A.

“Mando” Black and White Male Reserved for Jackson O.

“Lando” Black and White Male Reserved for Suzanne Z.


The Girls

“Beru” Seal Female Reserved For Alexandra S. 

“Koryn” Red and White Female Reserved for Lucky

“Arina” Seal/Gray Female Reserved For Chris M.  


Announcing the birth of 3 male puppies from Chloe and Thor on December 2nd. We went with star wars names for this litter of puppies.

Vader Black and white male puppy Reserved for Misty J.

Eska Red and White female Puppy Reserved for Monica G.

Kylo Red and White Male Puppy with striking blaze Reserved for Vyjayanthi K.


Announcing the birth of 8 puppies from Magenta and Titan on November 16th. There are 6 girls and 2 boys. The boys are on the left in the picture below and the girls are on the right.


Atka Red Male Reserved for Anchal P.

Thor Black Male Reserved For Marifel J.

Akira Red Female Reserved For Jessica M.

Callista Black & White Female Available

Chanel Black female Reserved For Ashley F.

Mitzi Black Female Reserved For Christina S.

Nova Black & Sable female Reserved For Marshall V.

Udoria Black female Reserved For John G.

Announcing the birth of 2 puppies from Zoey and Thor on October 28th. They had 2 females one black and white and one Red and white. Their pictures are below

Zavia Red Male Malamute Puppy Reserved for Anne R.   

Enola Black & Sable Female Malamute Puppy Reserved For Kelly S.

***************************************************************Annoucing the birth of 4 puppies from Tiara and Orion on September 28th, All of these puppies have been reserved.  To reserve a puppy from these upcoming litters fill out the contact form on this website or text me on my cell at 307-899-3424. 

Tiara & Puppies

Kota Red Male Malamute Puppy Reserved for Davi M.

Juno Red Male Malamute Puppy Reserved Elizabeth U.

Duke Black Male Malamute Puppy Reserved By Jenny W.

Aurora Red Female Malamute Puppy Reserved for Susan S.


ButterScotch and her 5 beautiful puppies! There are 3 girls and 2 boys in this litter.

Willow @ 3 weeks old Female SOLD- Congratulations Jeff M.!

Xena @ 3 weeks old female SOLD- Congratulations Melonie T.!

Kaya @ 3 weeks old female SOLD- Congratulations Dena S.!

Rocco @ 3 weeks old male SOLD Congratulations Ryan O!

Jasper @ 3 weeks old male SOLD- Congratulations Candra P!


Keep checking back here for updates on when the next litter is due! Check our Puppies for sale page for details on how to make a deposit. Black and Gray Puppies are $2000.00,  Red puppies are $2200, all White puppies are $2500 each unless otherwise posted.

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